Tune & M'ie

Michael T'Sjoen
Magalie Durieux

We are Michael T’Sjoen (better known as "den Tune") and Magalie. Together we are a real power team that does not shy away from any challenge. Your project is our passion. From joinery and welding constructions to laser and engraving work, from stage & scenic to technical assistance on all kinds of productions.

What makes us such a strong duo?


With a training in mechanical techniques and industrial woodworking, I gained more than 8 years of experience in industrial extraction installations / ventilations. Next, I added 4 years as a carpenter for a custom-made company with a focus on kitchens, dressings and interior doors. With my drive to keep learning, I continued in a joinery as an all-round stand and set builder. It was the combination of my studies, my passion and my extensive experience that led me to take the plunge in 2012 and start "Made by Tune". Every day I strive for originality, an eye for detail and a focus on ergonomics. As a creative developer I turned a hobby that got out of hand into my job.

I turned a hobby that got out of hand into my job.

Den Tune


With a master in interior architecture and scenography, I complement Tune. Learning is extremely important to me and that is why I completed an additional training in light and lighting design. Just like Tune, I thrive on creativity (of course on sleep and food as well). Collaborating with customers and finding solutions when they don't seem to be there at all? This ensures end results that no one dares to dream of. Within "Made by Tune" I work as an interior architect, designer, scenographer, props maker and management assistant. We mainly do the laser and engraving work together.

As an interior architect and scenographer I live on creativity and solutions.




How do we proceed?



We get to know you, as a customer, and discuss the product or project.



We are not beating around the bush. It’s either immediately or as soon as possible we make a rough estimate of the costs.


Conceptual elaboration

After your agreement, we start with a first design. If necessary or desired, we make mood boards, we collect samples and we make material proposals.


Indepth review

This is our further design phase.


Fine TUNE-ing

Yes, we are quite proud of that pun



This is the production process. Where we gradually transform your previous concerns into the desired tangible.



The moment you’ve all been waiting for- the installation, delivery or collection. This must be celebrated!



We continue to offer you customer service and after sales. You can always contact us with all your questions, comments or possibly a next project.

Don’t have a clue where to start and think "that’s not possible"?

Don't panic, hopefully we have convinced you that we will find a solution together. Take a look at our portfolio and catalog for laser and engraving work. And be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels!

We build the difference you want to see tomorrow! Please don’t take this literally, we’re not that fast…

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Beste klanten, wegens aanhoudende drukte hebben onze gepersonaliseerde producten momenteel een levertermijn van 2 à 3 werkweken. Wij doen ons uiterste best jullie zo snel mogelijk jullie unieke items te kunnen bezorgen. Alvast onze excuses voor dit ongemak.