All aboard? Ay ay Kipitein!

After floating around in a safe haven for a while, it’s time to set sail on my own. I, Magalie, always wanted to do my own thing with jewellery and accessories but doing so in a wood shop was kind of weird. That’s how we started up Kipitein, a subsidiary brand of Made by Tune. The jewellery and accessories are custom made with our laser and engraving machine.
All of this upon request but we also provide a steady collection for those who can’t make up their mind, talking about experience. Choosing is never losing.

The brand

We didn’t come up with the most obvious name. "I made a conscious choice to go for a logo that reflects who I am and says something about my personality. Something fun, original and creative with a twist, something with a story and a mission." Kipitein is definitely ME, Magalie.

The story

“Tune always calls me Chickie and offered me a custom made pendant last Christmas because “oh yes, I wanted something personal”. Sometime later I asked him a question and he answered with: “Ay ay Kipitein”. And so… “Kipitein” was born! And with numerous years as a member of the Sea Cadets, my love for anything involving water and sea and some very memorable moments, Kipitein was inevitably linked to me, even more than I first realised.
And to be honest, I do like to steer my own little (new) ship.

The Mission

"Kipitein” will include several different collections, something to everyone’s taste.From a mix ‘n match piece to a unique creation. All of this in durable materials like wood and leather that represent your own personality. We want to get away from the cliché that a brand should match your product. We welcome you to join us on a trip of uniqueness, personalizing and connectedness which you’ll also find in our workshops. Stay Tuned!

Our products